• Recipient of national awards for leadership in affecting foreign policy issues, immigration reform bills, US census count, voter registration drive, follow-up on hate crime or anti-religious incidents
  • Forefront of activities in US-India relations for over two decades, organizing Congressional lunches, White House briefings, lobbying on better US-India relationship
  • Organized conference on building economic bridges between US & India, New Delhi (2003) to ensure improved relations between US-India. Also organized the first 'US-India Science & Technology Conference (2002), which was inaugurated by Deputy Secretary Samuel W. Bodman, Department of Commerce and Ambassador of India, Lalit Mansingh
  • Sponsored the national essay contest (1998-1999) and have held many youth & family conferences. It has also co-sponsored many national beauty pageants (1996, 1997).
  • Served as a catalyst for the birth of the Gandhi Foundation (GF), headquartered in Atlanta, GA & facilitated the 1st life-size bronze statue of Mahatma Gandhi on federal land at the National Historic Site in Atlanta on January 24, 1998. The 2nd statue on federal land was inaugurated in Washington, DC.
  • Pioneered the National Spelling Bee contest jointly with North South Foundation (1992-1993)
  • Instrumental in the formation of the Global Organization of People of Indian Origin (GOPIO) at the NFIA sponsored First Global Convention of People of Indian Origin in New York (1989).
  • Excelled in leadership roles in the US and provided exemplary service for causes relating to various educational & humanitarian causes
  • Organized the first sub-conferences of Medical professionals (1984) & Hospitality Industry and Technology (1986). The weeklong convention attracted over 3000 delegates from 26 countries. NFIA has been a catalyst (through its various sub-conferences) for the birth of professional organizations such as AAHOA, AAPI and TiE
  • Campaigned for charitable causes both in India as well as across the US. NFIA-AT&T- BSS High School in Latur Maharashtra (Earthquake), $100,000 to Andhra Pradesh Cyclone fund through Coca Cola India, $25,000 (1994-1995), to Kargil Fund, $10,000 (1999) to Scholarship fund for Kashmiri refugee students (1998), Flood relief funds in Georgia (1995), Oklahoma Bombing relief fund, Project SEVA effort for Gujarat Earthquake (2001) and earlier contributions during California earthquake, donations to Children, Blind Women, etc.
  • Organized the only national official banquet to celebrate India's 50th Independence Day Anniversary (1997) in DC, which featured First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton.
  • Facilitated the publication of the award-winning, "India Unveiled" for the 50th Anniversary Independence Day celebrations overseas in the USA(1997)