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The National Federation of Indian American Associations (NFIA), an umbrella organization representing over 2 million Americans of Indian origin, in a resolution approved by its Executive Committee, strongly condemns the two car bombs blasts in the crowded areas of the metropolis Mumbai in quick succession on August 25, killing 45 innocent people and injuring over 150.


“It is a cowardly act of deranged men that takes the life of innocent people, for which there is absolutely no excuse,” said Niraj Baxi, the NFIA president. NFIA condemns all forms of violence that takes the life of innocent victims,” emphasized Baxi. The terrorists who committed this heinous crime must be apprehended and brought to justice as soon as possible, he added.

 According to news reports, the bombs hidden in the boots of two taxis went off in five minutes interval at Zaveri Bazar, famous jewelry market in
South Mumbai at 1:00 p.m. and at the parking lot of Gateway of India in the heart of the city during the lunch hour rush triggering tension in the commercial hub of the country. It appears to be a coordinated act of terrorists.


NFIA also urges people of India, who have suffered a lot at the hands of terrorists to remain calm and peaceful and not to react to senseless violence. Let the police do its work in capturing and punishing the criminals. Killing innocent people in the name of revenge will only fuel these barbarous actions.


“Terrorism, no matter where in the world it occurs or in what format it occurs, must be strongly condemned by all civilized people who should join their efforts to fight these terrorist act,” emphasized Rajen Anand, the NFIA President-elect. “The NFIA sends it condolences to the families of all victims and prays for peace in the nation,” added Anand.